Delco Remy 39MT™ Heavy Duty Starter
The 39MT™ is a gear reduction starter ideal for heavy duty truck and off highway applications. The drive has an electrical soft start that rotates the pinion for proper ring gear engagement before cranking, minimizing tooth abutment related damage. The sealed solid link solenoid eliminates contact welding in low system voltage situations, providing enhanced reliability. Sealed noseless configuration minimizes debris accumulation and contamination reducing maintenance expense. 


Engine Type/Size: Diesel up to 15 L / 915 cu in (12 V), 16 L / 976 cu in (24 V)
System Voltage: 12 or 24 Volts
Rotation: Clockwise
Output: 7.3 or 9.0kW
Standard Mountings: SAE #1, SAE #3
Standard Pinions:   11-Tooth/6-8 Pitch, 12-Tooth/8-10 Pitch, 12-Tooth/Module 3
Weight: 30.8 lbs (14 kg)
Optional Jump Start Protection: Shield and solenoid cap available to meet SAE J1493 recommendations
Optional Over Crank Protection (OCP): Prevents over cranking thermal damage, circuit breaker automatically resets after cooling