Delco Remy 24SI Heavy Duty Alternator - 160 Amps 12V / 70 Amps 24V
The 24SI brush style alternators are designed with dual internal fans which provide maximum cooling technology, improves the operating efficiency and durability of the unit.



  • Built-in protection from water and other contaminants with dual spacers and slingers
  • Dual internal fans withstand higher engine temperatures 
  • Easy installation with one-wire connection


  • Performance Output:  160 Amps – 12 Volts / 70 Amps – 24 Volts
  • Maximum Speed:  10,000 RPM Continuous / 12,000 RPM Intermittent
  • Rotation:   Clockwise
  • Temperature Limits:  Low  -40° F (-40°C )  High  221° F (105°C)
  • Polarity:  Negative Ground
  • Mounting:  SAE J180 standard, PAD mount


SAE J180 Mount

24SI SAE J180 Hinge Mount

Pad Mount

24SI Pad Mount


Additional Information:

Performance Curve 12V
Performance Curve 24V
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